About Us


Our Approach

We only use the finest luxury faux fur to make our fake beards and fake mustaches and the stickiest super sticky hypoallergenic adhesive on the back for a longer fit. We believe that just because you’re faking it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the best.

Our Story

One day our founder Rob Hutt walked into a fancy dress shop with money in his pocket and walked out with a crappy fake mustache made from felt that had been shipped all the way to the UK from China. Rob felt that his lip deserved better and vowed at that moment to bring something special, something quality and something more exciting to the market, that something was Super-Stache.

Famous Beards

Check out below our fake beards featured in the hit single ‘Vicious Love’ by the well known U.S rock band New Found Glory.¬†

Beardly go where no man/woman has gone before

Your face deserves Super-Stache so go explore the textures, colours and styles that Super-Stache has to offer

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