welcome to The home of fake beards and Fake mustaches

one of our cosplay stick-on fake beards ‘the beast’ appeared in a new found glory music video

When you are in the market to buy fake beards or fake mustaches you want it to do a few simple things very well:

  • Look realistic
  • Stick to your face
  • Not irritate your skin

These are the principles that we follow to produce all Super-Stache fake beards and fake mustaches to the highest possible standards. We are proud that in addition to being the perfect accompaniment to any pirate, wrestler, caveman, biker or celebrity fancy dress or cosplay costume to name but a few, our beards and mustaches are also extremely durable and functional.

Black Fake Beard - Super-Stache

Our fake beards and fake mustaches are handmade to look realistic

We use a die cut press and only the finest luxury faux fur to ensure that each and every fake beard and fake mustache we sell is cut to the optimum size and ergonomically shaped to fit your face perfectly. To see how our beards and mustaches are handmade watch our How to make a fake beard video.

We only use medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive tape

We only use the highest quality medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive tape on our beards and mustaches. By using this tape our beards and mustaches will stick to your face for longer without irritating your skin underneath.

Long grey fake beard - Super-Stache

All of our fake beards and mustaches are handmade in the United Kingdom

More often than not your fake beard or mustache will have traveled half way around the world and back before it reaches you. This is because most fake beards and mustaches are manufactured in China and shipped to a fancy dress or cosplay shop on the other side of the world before they are sent onto you. Because we manufacture all of our beards, goatees and mustaches here in the United Kingdom, they haven’t incurred a single journey before we ship them out to your directly. That’s good for the environment because it means less air miles and a lower carbon footprint.